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Cakes                                  Cheese Cakes                   Coffee Cakes
 Almond Amaretto                                               Almond Amaretto                                            Plain
Black Forest                                                           Black Forest                                                        Cheese
Boston Cream Pie                                                Chocolate                                                             Fruit
Carrot                                                                    Marble Swirl
Chocolate Hazard                                               New York Plain
Chocolate Buttercream                                    Triple Chocolate
Chocolate Fudge                                                 Turtle
Chocolate Mint                                                    Strawberry Topped
Chocolate Mound                                              Blueberry Topped
Coconut                                                                Cherry Topped
Coconut Raspberry Cream Cheese                 Raspberry Topped
German Chocolate                                             Caramel Apple
Lemon Supreme                                                 Oreo 
Orange Supreme                                                Chocolate Peanut Butter
Oreo                                                                        Kelime
Peanut Butter                                                      Irish Cream
Pink Lady                                                              Pumpkin *seasonal
Red Velvet                                                              Guava
Rocky Road
Strawberry Fudge
Strawberry Supreme
Yellow Buttercream

Cakes can be scored 10,12,14, and 16.   All cheese cakes come cut 12,14 or 16.  All items produced by Darland Bakery can be master cased for shipping.  
Almond Amaretto                                        Hazard
Black Forest                                                   Lemon
Carrot                                                              Mound
Chocolate Buttercream Icing                    Oreo
Chocolate Cream Cheese  Icing                 Red Velvet
Chocolate Fudge                                           Yellow Buttercream Icing
Chocolate Mint                                             Yellow Fudge Icing
Chocolate Peanut Butter                            Yellow Chocolate Buttercream 
Coconut                                                          Pink Lady
German Chocolate                                       Boston Cream
2oz. (2 dozen per package)  5oz. (1 dozen per package)  
5oz. Cupcakes available in 4 pack conatiners.     * Sprinkles and airbrushing on cupcakes also available